Prof. Karolis Jankevičius Scholarship recognises achievements of microbiology students


One-time prof. Karolis Jankevičius Scholarship were awarded to UGNĖ RICKEVIČIŪTĖ, a third year student of the Bachelor's study programme in Microbiology, and DOMAS MAŠONIS, a first year student of the Master's study programme in Microbiology.

‘Given the problems of climate change and the depletion of fossil fuels, it is nowadays relevant to explore alternative, more environmentally friendly and renewable ways of synthesising chemical compounds. The results obtained in the research project ‘Development of a genetically modified Pseudomonas putida KT2440 strain for the biosynthesis of pyrazine derivatives’ (supervisor: Dr Vytautas Petkevičius) contribute to the development of microorganisms promising for industry and demonstrate new applications of Pseudomonas putida KT2440,’ says the scholarship recipient Domas Mašonis. ‘The award motivates me to continue my work and pursue a career in microbiology and biotechnology. I would like to thank VšĮ "Grunto Cleaning Technologies" for the scholarship and my supervisor, Dr. Vytautas Petkevičius, for all his support.’

Ugnė Rickevičiūtė, who is working on her final bachelor's thesis on ‘Selection and identification of pyrethroid-degrading microorganisms’ (supervisor: Dr. Alisa Gricajeva), is also delighted: ‘Receiving this scholarship means that I and my work have been noticed, which I think is the goal of every student from the very first year of study. Such awards make me even more motivated to achieve my goals and to remember how sweet the fruits of my labour can be’.

The Prof. Karolis Jankevičius Scholarship was established in 2011 to encourage talented students of Vilnius University Life Sciences Centre to pursue better study results and careers in microbiology and biotechnology. Each year in the spring semester, two one-time scholarships are awarded to students of Microbiology and Biotechnology (Microbiology) study programmes.

Prof. Karolis Jankevičius, former Director of the Botanical Institute for many years, has dedicated his life to science and environmental protection. The joint work of the Public Enterprise ‘Grunto valymo technologijos’ and Prof. Karolis Jankevičius has resulted in a total of 18 patents on environmental, biotechnological and biomedical issues; his work has been presented in the competition ‘Lithuanian Product of the Year’ and has been awarded with gold medals; the co-authored monograph ‘Biological Treatment of the Environment’ (2003), ‘Dictionary of Environmental Terms’ (2000), ‘Explanatory Glossary of Ecological Terms’ (2008), ‘Biodegradation of Petroleum and other Polluting Materials. Theory and Practice’, articles on biotechnology published in foreign scientific journals. In 2007 Prof. Karolis Jankevičius was awarded the honorary title of Knight of the Profession by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists.

The Prof. Karolis Jankevičius Scholarship was established by the Public Enterprise ‘Grunto valymo technologijos’ of the Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Lithuania.

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