Chem SynthOur mission lies in bridging the gap between the laboratory and the market via pilot-scale development. Our research is aimed at the cooperation with Lithuanian and foreign business entities interested in introducing the results of research into practice.

We offer services to fellow scientists and business representatives in the field of organic synthesis:

  • development and optimization of technologies for the synthesis of chemical compounds;
  • testing of the scalability of chemical technology designed by the interested developers;
  • investigation of synthesis methods for organic compounds of different classes, development and design of multi-step synthesis schemes;
  • custom synthesis of fine chemicals for research, commerce and industry.

We have experience in the synthesis of amino acids and their derivatives, the search of synthesis pathways and the development of technologies for macrocyclic and linear polyethers and the investigation of the synthesis, structural and other properties of various heterocycles. Our product portfolio contains over 200 compounds of various classes: O, N and S-heterocyclic compounds, thiols, thioethers and thioamides, stereoisomeric disubstituted cyclohexane derivatives, aromatic carboxylic acids, aminoacid derivatives, mono- and disubstituted cyclic polyethers, monodisperse derivatives of polyethylene glycols. These high-quality fine chemicals for scientific and commercial purposes are produced in quantities from grams to hundreds of kilograms, depending on the compound structures and the requirements of the customers.

Our reactor equipment scale includes different volume glass (20–100 L), glass-lined (10–1600 L) and stainless-steel reactors (10–600 L) as well as autoclaves for catalytic hydrogenation (0.2–10 L) and different kinds of auxiliary equipment. Reactors of various types and volumes enable us to carry out a number of different projects simultaneously.

We have provided our services to Ramidus AB (Sweden), Synthon Chemicals GmbH (Germany), Polypure AS (Norway), Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics, UAB (Lithuania), Elymus, UAB (Lithuania), Certumtech, UAB (Lithuania), Ekorama, UAB (Lithuania), Vilniaus Ventos Puslaidininkiai, UAB (Lithuania).


Regina Jančienė
Phone: + 370 5 272 9058


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