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What is Herbarium?

In the general meaning, Herbarium is a scientific institution that gathers, stores, and conducts research of the collections of plants and fungi. This institution provides an unlimited resource of raw scientific data. It the narrowest meaning, Herbarium is a assortment of specially collected and labelled plants either dried or fixated in a solution. Herbarium illustrates the combination of scientific, historical and cultural values.

Structure of Vilnius University Herbarium

Herbarium of Vilnius University is composed of four sections: herbarium of foreign specimens (Herbarium Generale), herbarium of Lithuanian specimens (Herbarium Lithuanicum), the Historical Collection, and the Museum of the Herbarium. The specimens of plants, algae and fungi are stored and researched in the herbarium.

The collection of Herbarium Generale is comprised of the specimens from all over the World and is constantly amended with the floral samples from the abroad.

The Historical Collection has been established before the beginning of 20th century. This section is of immense scientific, historical, ethnic, and cultural value. The importance of the Historical Collection as a regional documental heritage has been recognised by UNESCO Memory of the World Programme, enlisting the collection into the Lithuanian national registry. The unique rare personal collections, created before the beginning of 20th century, are also attributed to this Historical Collection.

The collection of the Herbarium Lituanicum is comprised of the samples collected starting the beginning of 20th c. to this day from the territory of nowadays Republic of Lithuania. This is the largest and constantly amended collection that represents the diversity and changes of Lithuanian flora as well as the distribution of various taxonomical groups of plants in Lithuania. A large section of this collection has been created from the specimens collected in various regions of Lithuania by the students during their field studies and graduation thesis preparation.

The Museum of Herbarium presents the merits of botanical world to the society. Here the visitors are welcome to explore various exhibitions representing the development of botany studies in Vilnius university, discover the variety of plants, mosses, algae, and fungi in Lithuania. The visitors are kindly asked to appoint the visitation in advance, contacting the Herbarium.


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For more information:

Director of Herbarium, dr. Mindaugas Rasimavičius

ph.: 00 370 5 223 4355, 00 370 5 239 8263;

email: ,

address: Room V010, Saulėtekio av. 7, Vilnius, Lithuania


Other personnel:

Dr. Jonė Rukšėnienė ph.: 8 5 239 8251,8 5 223 4355, Room V008

Dr. Jūratė Tupčiauskaitė ph.: 8 5 223 4355, Room V008


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