Welcome to our group!

We are international group of researchers who are working across multiple disciplines to solve some of the key challenges in applied and fundamental life sciences. Our strong foundation in microfluidics, molecular biotechnology and data analytics provides us a unique combination of skills and experiences to address analytical problems from a different angle and perspective. We strongly believe that technological innovations constitute an essential part of biological research. This is particularly evident nowadays where innovations in molecular barcoding of RNA or DNA in single-cells enabled researchers to address fundamental questions that were previously out of reach. Our group is actively developing microfluidic and molecular biology tools, methods and techniques to enable ultra-high-throughput multi-omic studies of single-cells. While molecular nucleic acid barcoding is our main focus in the lab (1, 2), we are also actively working on other topics such as high-throughput screening of single-cell producing monoclonal antibodies (3), directed evolution, single-genome amplification (4) and others. 

Please visit our Research page to learn more about our work, or shoot us an email. 

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We are grateful to the funding agencies and organizations that support our research: 

European Commission, H2020 program
Lithuanian-Swiss Research and Development cooperation program
The Scientific Exchange Programme (Sciex-NMSch)
Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA)
Lithuanian Research Council

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