Investigation of synthetic polymer biodegradation

Dr. Inga Matijošytė

The synthesis of selective substrates for biocatalytic systems synthesis and their investigation

Dr. Inga Matijošytė

Exploring of carbonic anhydrases for the synthesis of non-isocyanate polyurethanes

Dr. Inga Matijošytė

Development of fast and sensitive methods and software for biological sequence analysis

Dr. Mindaugas Margelevičius

Development of carbonic anhydrase IX inhibitors for cancer imaging

Dr. Edita Čapkauskaitė

Development of innovative methods for diagnosis of allergic diseases

Dr. Rasa Petraitytė-Burneikienė

Consultant – dr. Indrė KučinskaitėKodzė

Synthesis of carbonic anhydrase inhibitors – search for isoform-selective small- molecules

Dr. Virginija Dudutienė

Immunodetection of bacterial resistance to antibiotics

Prof. Aurelija Žvirblienė

Development of methods for expression and purification of amyloid-forming proteins and peptides

Dr. Vytautas Smirnovas

Machine learning and neural networks applications in molecular dynamics and structure-based drug design

Dr. Daumantas Matulis

Selection criteria and scores

The average of the final thesis and grades received by an applicant in master’s

degree studies or one cycle higher education studies (AFT), maximum score 10

A motivational interview (MI), maximum score 10

Correspondence of scientific qualification, scientific publications and scientific

experience to the chosen topic (SE), maximum score 10

1 x (AFT)

1 x (MI)

1 x (SE)



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