Helpful information about COVID-19 situation for LSC community.

Updated, 23 March 2021

Work during the spring semester. Taking into account the quarantine situation in Lithuania and the approach of the third Covid wave, it was decided at the meetings of the Vice-deans for Studies and the LSC Board of Studies that during the spring semester of 2021, lectures, seminars, exercises and laboratory work will take place only remotely until the end of the semester.

Defence of the final theses, scheduled for June 1-12, will take place either live or remotely, depending on the situation in Lithuania at that time. Graduates will be awarded diplomas on June 29. Finis Anni Academici - the end of the school year event - is scheduled for July 1. Summer practice work live is planned from the 2nd half of June, from today’s perspective.

Individual work of students in research laboratories. After the Easter holidays, not only final-year students but also 3rd year BSc and 1st year MSc students are allowed to work in research laboratories. The most important rule is security. The student has to coordinate his/her arrival with the tutor: record one’s arrival, working hours, work according to the rules of the laboratory, wear disposable gloves and a face mask, keep a distance of 2 meters, regulate the number of students at a time to maintain safe distance.

Arrival of students from another municipality. If the student lives outside the Vilnius district, he/she should apply to the LSC Department for Studies. We will issue a certificate that the student is studying at the VU and he/she has to come to the university to do research. This type of certificate will allow the student to cross the boundaries of another municipality.

In view of the decision by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania to declare quarantine from the 7th November, seeking to protect the health of our community members, the coronavirus prevention task force has decided that all the activities at the University are to be continued remotely until 29 November.
That mean that all lectures, laboratory work and practical assignments as well as all course  assessments will be held remotely. Students are only allowed to carry out their research projects in laboratories, providing your project tutor agrees with it and all the necessary precautions are taken into action But please be advised that individuals exhibiting the symptoms characteristic to the illness (e.g. fever, cough, difficulty breathing, etc.) are prohibited from being at the Center.
There is a strong possibility that the situation will persist for longer, therefore the study process will most likely remain like this for rest of the semester. 

All information (in English) for VU students and employees regarding COVID-19 you can find here

Action plan if VU employee/student is confirmed with COVID-19

Action plan if VU employee/student is suspected with COVID-19


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