Great news reached Vilnius - the VU Life Sciences Center (VU LSC) team, named Vilnius_GMC, has won the very first and only gold medal of the iDEC 2021 (International Directed Evolution Competition). Our champions are VU LSC PhD students Jonas Juozapaitis and Lorenzo Camisi.

On Friday, a virtual meeting was organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania between representatives of the VU GMC and representatives of scientific and research institutions of the Republic of South Africa from the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, the funding organisation) and the Medical Research Council (SAMRC).

UAB “Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics” in cooperation with Vilnius University invites prospective 1st year MSc programme students of the VU Life Sciences Center, Faculty of Chemistry and Geosciences, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics to do their final MSc thesis at the Company.

Join those the best or invite others to join! Three laboratories at the Life Sciences Centre of Vilnius University, a Partnership Institute of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory for genome editing (VU LSC-EMBL Partnership Institute), Lithuania, are looking for talented investigators.

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